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Heather Chavonne

Welcome -  I am glad you're here.

hcsMosiacs is a creative expression of observances and passions . 


As a Social Worker, I search for solutions to micro issues using a macro lens, and maintain a personal belief in synchronicity instead of coincidence.


Crafting has been a life-long passion, specifically fiber arts  -- and I have always had an interest in designing simple, sustainable pieces. In 2020, I began designing cotton-lined crocheted face masks, in response to the global pandemic.  

ItsAligned was born as the first hcsMosaics shop. I believe that life alignment occurs when you listen to your inner navigation system - so that's what I did. 

In my free time, I enjoy exploring and communing with nature.

If our journey is meant to intersect, I look forward to sharing time.


Meet the Artist: About
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